Thomas Iveson

Co-Leader of the Fidgety Feet Dance Team which he has been directing with wife Tricia for over 15 years!

Swing dancing since: 1996

Originally from London, England, Thomas started dancing the Lindy Hop in 1996. That same year, he met Tricia and has since made his home in the United States. Thomas has a knack for the air steps that have made the Lindy Hop so famous and continues to teach others these tricks of the trade. Besides the Lindy Hop, he can be seen doing a mean Boogie Woogie to blazingly fast tempo songs. Thomas won a few awards back in the day" with Tricia and former dance partner Carolyn. He is the troupe's General Manager and actively identifies and books fun gigs that our members clamor to perform. He founded and, for 13 years, served as President of Threedee, Inc., an exhibit and design services firm. Together with his wife, Tricia, he co-founded their latest technology venture, 10novate, Inc.